1-on-1 Photography Coaching: Become a more creative photographer

Do you want to become a better and more creative photographer? Are you looking for an honest response to your work over a long period of time? In need of challenging photo assignments that help you see more?

Sign up to my 1-on-1 photography coaching program and learn how you can improve. We meet and communicate online, you can participate wherever you are, so it’s completely corona proof and accessible for anyone with an internet connection. The program has been designed for those who want to approach their photography in a more artistic way.

Why photography coaching?

If you have doing a workshop or two, you may recognize the problem: regular workshops typically only last a day, which is nice but as a photographer you can be on a very different level a few months later.

An experienced coach who understands what you want to achieve and provides you with long-term support can therefore be valuable.

The program I set up is tailored to your wishes and possibilities, and lasts for eight months. During that period you will receive monthly assignments and I will provide feedback on the results.

What you can learn

My intention is that you learn how to achieve what you would like to say with your photos.

Possible topics to work on:

  • Discovering subjects to photograph
  • Finding unusual angles
  • Learn to compose better
  • Dealing better with both your possibilities and your limitations
  • Learning to translate ideas into successful photos
  • Finding inspiration in the everyday
  • Working on your own style

The focus is on the creative aspects of photography, not so much technology or commercial photography, and on photography in public space. Think of street photography, architectural photography, documentary: genres where you depend on natural light and have little or no control over your subjects.

Photography coaching program contents

The program includes:

  • Two video calls to discuss wishes, ideas and progress, using Google Meet or similar.
  • Eight monthly assignments tailored to your goals that you can carry out in your own environment.
  • Honest, constructive feedback on your work. Don’t be upset if I am critical, I’m there to help!
  • In between, I am there for support (feel free to e-mail me if you want to know something).
  • Access to a number of inspiring English ebooks written by other photographers.

What do I charge for this program?

The 1-on-1 photography coaching program costs 59 euros per month. The payments are automatic and handled on an 8-month subscription basis by PayPal. You are in full control of the payment system and it’s possible to stop your participation at any given time.

Join the program now

Would you like to sign up? Then click on the Subscribe button below. As soon as your registration has been received, I will contact you by e-mail as soon as possible. You can also contact me if you have questions.