My Photography

To me, photography is not a technique to capture reality, even when it’s often treated that way. It’s more like a technology to create illusions, if you think what it is capable of.

I almost exclusively shoot in public spaces, in an environment designed by people, and it’s fair to describe my work as street photography, though some purists may disagree. My work is not really about people and when they appear in my images, they are often reduced to props. Street Photography Magazine quite accurately described my photos as glimpses. Abstraction plays an important role in my work.

What matters to me as a photographer is the creative process, what I make of what crosses my path, and I hope my photos manage to intrigue, move, fascinate, question and make you think the world is an interesting place even when its subject is rather mundane.

Besides, it’s plain fun to shoot. In fact, that’s what keeps me going out on the street, in the first place.

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