Street photography portfolio review

Street photography is something you do alone. That makes it personal and accessible for anyone. But this also comes with a problem: you can never objectively assess your own work. So, how good is it, really?

Of course, you could seek feedback on the web. However, relying on Instagram likes is equally misleading as listening to friends. On Instagram many people give your work a heart, because they want you to like theirs, while friends don’t want to hurt you with negative comments. It’s also hard to know whether an Instagram or Flickr follower really knows or understands what you’re doing.

A portfolio review by an experienced street photographer is a solution. I do such reviews. If you are looking for independent, honest and constructive feedback, I am happy to help you.

How does this work?

You upload a selection of your best photos, or if you wish, a number of photos that are part of a particular project. Please provide an explanation so that I know more about your background and intentions. I look at your photos and then send you an extensive written response.

Such a photography portfolio review includes:

  • discussing style and vision
  • ways to improve composition and technique
  • tips for post-processing
  • feedback on individual images.

Some portfolios are small, some large. Therefore, you can choose between reviews of 12, 25 or 50 photos.

Please note that I am a street photographer and this review is mainly for street work. I have a broad view on street photography though, and are open to other types of outdoor photography. However, I do not review studio photos (like product photography or studio portraits) nor any work that is completely staged. I have no problem with such types of photography, but it’s not where my expertise lies.

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