Street Photography Workshops

Are you looking for a street photography workshop that focuses on compelling compositions? Do you want to find out whether the genre is right for you? At a price that doesn’t break the bank? And without having to overcome your fear of photographing strangers?

I can help. You can follow two types of workshops with me:

  • individual workshops
  • workshops in a small group (maximum of 3 people)

You’re welcome to join one of my street photography workshops. Details are found on my Dutch-language site. If you need help, please contact me.

For whom and what?

My workshops are designed for people who want to start with street photography, or have not been doing it for a long time. Together we look for beautiful light, interesting locations, suitable subjects and original perspectives. No unnecessary theory, but straight to the essence: learning by doing.

What kind of camera you have is not important. Experience and technical knowledge do not matter much either. What matters is that you learn to see. And I want to help you with that.

My style of street photography is non-aggressive. I choose a gentle approach, usually with a strong emphasis on composition. My street photos are all candid: the people in the photos hardly notice that they are being photographed. If this is how you like it, then join me.

Workshops in group

I do 2.5-hour workshops in and around the monumental Antwerp Central Station in Belgium. Ideal as an introduction to the genre. There’s also a longer workshop where we will photograph in the center of Antwerp.

I used to do these workshops in collaboration with Airbnb, the well-known travel website, but now work on my own. Depending on the participants, the workshop will be held in English or Dutch. The maximum number of participants is three.

Why the station?

  • Every day thousands of people gather here to go to work or home, to say goodbye, kill time … There is always something to shoot.
  • The architecture is stunning and varied. On a small surface you will find plenty of opportunities and backgrounds for beautiful pictures.
  • Light differs from place to place, making it ideal to experiment.
  • Last but not least, there is a roof. This workshop does not depend on the weather.

If the dates on the calendar do not work for you, of if there is no date planned, contact me to check for alternatives. I’ll do my best to make things work for you.

Individual street photography workshops

An individual workshop gives you maximum flexibility. We can arrange the date together, decide what to do and how long the workshop lasts. You are also not bound to one location.

I don’t want street photography to be a hobby only for the rich, so I keep prices affordable. Are you interested in an individual street photography workshop in Belgium? Again, contact me here.

Street photography by Marc Pennartz

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