Ted Forbes

Ted Forbes is an authority, in the sense of a respected expert. Since 2008, an eternity on the Internet, he has been making videos under the title The Art of Photography. With 770,000 subscribers it is one of the most watched YouTube channels on photography. Forbes covers everything in the field of photography. His channel is chock full of info on technique, famous photographers, composition, color theory, gear….

He is an amiable, enthusiastic and passionate storyteller and with his background as an art historian and curator he has a great eye for the artistic side of photography. I rarely watch his videos about cameras and lenses, since I’m quite the opposite of a gear freak, but when he talks about creativity or dives into the history of photography, I rarely skip The Art of Photography. He is much imitated, but rarely matched. Forbes cares about photography.

I was therefore thrilled that in one of his vlogs, the Texan extensively talked about my photozine Green. He had nothing but positive words for it and, as is his habit, read the letter I had included with the book. The fact that he reviewed Green immediately after it arrived on his doorstep is pleasing. I usually don’t care much about what the average photographer thinks of my work, but his opinion is something else.

Here’s the video, starting at the point where my book is discussed.

Click here for more on Green.

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